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Thursday, 28 August 2014

A season sneaking in....

The season is on the turn, although I think that summer may be returning next week. I hope so, I'm not ready for autumn yet. When I walked over the field to the post office just now, the bushes were full of berries, and there are hazelnuts in the trees and oak apples too. 
Sorry for the blog break, I've been busy with work, and it has taken a long while to catch up after my holiday. Last weekend we had friends to stay, which was lovely, and we took full advantage of the sunny weather on Sunday, taking our new canoe down to the river.

Then it was the village horticultural show, which went ahead despite the rain.

These are not my prize winning vegetables (definitely not!), but I did get a first prize for some yellow damson jelly and a second for raspberry and redcurrant jam. 

I did not do any cookery competition classes this year, as I was baking for our friends, but there were some lovely entries to see in the marquee.

So, nearly time for a new term, eldest back to uni and youngest starting sixth form.

It always feels like a good time for a change in September. As a freelance, I have to make my own luck, so I'm trying to work out where I go next.

Wandering around the fields with flowers in my hair isn't going to get anything done, so I need to get my focus back.

I do have one lovely assignment for a national magazine lined up for early September, and the local magazine takes plenty of my time but still....

I feel like a new journey should begin....

Friday, 15 August 2014

The colours of Greece

We had a beautiful week in Paxos. The island is small, wooded and incredibly laid back. I was captivated by the colours of the paint, the turquoise of the sea, the old tiles and the changing light. Here are a few shots which sum it up.

Arch by a 16th century church on a hillside.

Church floor tiles. 

Shutters in the island capital, Gaios.

Lovely shop by the sea front in the tiny port of Logos.

Ochre walls - and fresh peach juice!

Stunning old villa in Gaios.

Yes please!

Sunshine colours.

Peeling paint.

Bell in the hillside church.

The beaches aren't sandy, they are full of these polished white pebbles.

I love these beach bar signs. Nothing better than a long swim followed by lunch in the shade.

Goodbye Paxos.