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Friday, 25 April 2014


As I was shopping at the market this week, I was also pondering on the next cover for the local magazine. I've been aware of a trend for ethnic, block printed patterns appearing in interiors magazines recently, and combined with my own interest in prints and printing, an idea had started to form. Although we're a small budget magazine, I like to try and produce an original cover each month. It would be easy to use a pre-prepared fashion or homes shot from a large manufacturer, these are readily available free of charge, but we are a local magazine, firmly rooted in the community, and I think it is best to use local suppliers and our own photographer if possible. 

Yesterday I hunted high and low in Peterborough for accessories that I could use to style a bright and sunny shoot for the June issue. It wasn't easy: Peterborough is not really blessed with quirky shops. In the end, I bought one small length of fabric from John Lewis and then, not sure if it was really what I was looking for, I purchased two block stamps from one of the nicest shops in the city centre, Art in the Heart. When I got home, I printed some of my own fabric on a piece of old linen, using my lino cut printing ink. 

I've had fun playing around with arrangements, injecting some colour into a very grey and rainy day. 

I found the Moroccan plate in an interiors shop in Stamford today. It's a really interesting independent store called Snow Design and Interiors. Knobbly lemons and fresh asparagus came from Stamford's lovely Friday market.

I enjoyed creating that mood board. Whether or not any of these ideas will translate into a cover shot or not, I'm not really sure yet. What do you think?

Monday, 21 April 2014

The car boot minimalist

Every year I make the same resolution: I won't go to as many car boot sales as I need to thin out my stuff. I  know that the only way to resist temptation is to stay away. Then, as the season approaches, this changes to: perhaps I will still just pop down to the car boot sale but I'll only buy plants.....What happens? A warm, sunny bank holiday Monday morning and the giant boot sale is beckoning.

Well, I did buy some plants, including these pretty Auriculas, and some perennials and a few pots of herbs. But I also came home with these.

And a blue linen Saltwater dress...

There is no hope for me...
Hope you all had a great Easter break. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Beside the sea

A trip to the north Norfolk coast yesterday to see my father-in-law. The wind was cold but the beach was bright and beautiful.

Not really a coast for beach combing, but there is always a wide band of empty razor clam shells which have been left by the tide.

The beach is so vast that it never feels crowded, although the roads were very busy yesterday.

Nearby Burnham Market has been named 'Chelsea on Sea' and you could see why. It was choc a bloc with expensive clothes shops, delis, crowds, shiny BMWs and 4x4s. It's undeniably a very picturesque place. Difficult to take any long shot photos with lots of people around, but a few little details caught my eye.

And we can't have a post at this time of year without some blossom ....


Monday, 14 April 2014

Just one of those days...

I enjoyed the sale yesterday, but I didn't sell very much. It was just one of those days. I haven't had a sale like that for a really long time, and sometimes you just have to accept  that your stock isn't right. 

The event I was at was more of a craft fair, I was the only vintage stand (phone snap below). 

My best sellers were old saucers for 30p each :) But I did cover the cost of my pitch with a little bit on top too, so it could have been worse. And I was sitting next to my friends Lucy and Kate, so there was plenty of time for copious cups of tea and a slice of this unbelievably good home baked Battenburg cake.

But I certainly won't be giving up the day job! Talking of which, I have an interview with artist Kirsty Elson in the latest issue of LandScape magazine. Kirsty's work is so popular at the moment, and she was a genuinely lovely interviewee. I know some of my blog readers are fans of Kirsty's work, so I thought you might like to know. 

It's a pretty issue of LandScape. 

A very gentle read...

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Easter holidays

Easter holidays are here. In fact, as my youngest son is doing his GCSEs this year, I am hoping that it will be more of a working holiday (we live in hope ;)). Eldest is due home from uni on Monday and he wants/needs to earn some money so he's got a job at a local cafe. I'm preparing for an Easter sale next Sunday, so I've been getting some things ready for that today.

I've only taken a small stall, so I'm trying to be really selective about the things I'm taking along. 

Patchwork pieces are always popular.

Some old books...

On my stall, there'll be some small pieces of furniture, shelves, hooks, tins, crochet blankets and china. Plus a few flowers .. 

This is where I'll be...the village hall, Barnwell, nr Oundle. Sunday April 13, 1pm onwards.

Back soon.