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Friday, 24 December 2010

Unexpected finds

On the way home from visiting my parents-in-law in Norfolk yesterday, we popped in to a little antiques centre in Old Hunstanton to see if I could find a last minute gift for my mum. She wanted an old blue and white jug of a particular height and I hadn't been able to source one anywhere.

Success! There was just one sweet old Spode jug sitting on top of a little dresser. And just below it, these three lovely old tins. I cannot resist a vintage tin, especially one with lettering. So they came home with me too. The middle one is a Mazawattee tea tin, and it has a double lid with a tiny old handle to keep the tea leaves dry. £7 well spent.

Now the house is full of quiet preparation. Stuffing is being made, final presents wrapped, and animal hutches cleaned out so their occupants will have a comfortable day tomorrow.

Happy Christmas!

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  1. yes,we have done Xmas now- I want Spring and go hunting for vintage goodies!! Nice tins.
    Im De-Christmasing the shop now .