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Thursday, 14 July 2011

A bit more Switzerland...

This was the view from my hotel room, overlooking Lake Constantine. When we arrived, the area was in the grip of a huge thunderstorm, the clouds were down and you couldn't see a thing. But after a couple of hours, the sky cleared completely and revealed this amazing vista. I went for a quick stroll around the town, Arbon, before dinner and found this:

The window is like something out of a fairy tale - but how do they see out??

We saw a rainbow later on (and I think that is a little bit of Germany on the horizon). We had a busy schedule and there wasn't time for shopping, but I did sneak off to the kiosk to buy these:

Yes indeed, they are magazines that I can't understand, but I don't mind because the design is lush. I'm a magazine junkie anyway, and I do love to browse foreign interiors titles. My absolute favourite is Swedish, and it's called Bolig Liv. If ever I hear of someone travelling to Scandinavia, I have to beg them to bring me back a copy. But these are German titles and they are pretty gorgeous.

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  1. Cheers, have a good hols- I keep forgetting to top up my phone!! Have fun Txx