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Friday, 15 August 2014

The colours of Greece

We had a beautiful week in Paxos. The island is small, wooded and incredibly laid back. I was captivated by the colours of the paint, the turquoise of the sea, the old tiles and the changing light. Here are a few shots which sum it up.

Arch by a 16th century church on a hillside.

Church floor tiles. 

Shutters in the island capital, Gaios.

Lovely shop by the sea front in the tiny port of Logos.

Ochre walls - and fresh peach juice!

Stunning old villa in Gaios.

Yes please!

Sunshine colours.

Peeling paint.

Bell in the hillside church.

The beaches aren't sandy, they are full of these polished white pebbles.

I love these beach bar signs. Nothing better than a long swim followed by lunch in the shade.

Goodbye Paxos. 


  1. Looks like you had the perfect break.

  2. Stunning photos - would make a lovely calendar.

  3. Beautiful images! I love the first photo. :-)

  4. Lovely images Fiona. I wonder if the water is warm? Did you end up swimming in that beautiful turquoise water?

    Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Hi Aida, we did lots of swimming, the water was warm but refreshing too. One day we hired a boat and my family enjoyed jumping off the sides into the deep. It was gorgeous.

  5. Oh the sea is a beautiful colour. I thought those pebbles were eggs, how strange.

    1. They do look a bit like eggs. I loved how the village bakery sold fresh free range eggs by the bowl. You could see the happy hens roosting in the trees.

  6. Beautiful photo's of Paxos and a lovely photo of you!!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  7. Fab photos! It looks like you had a lovely time.