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Saturday, 25 October 2014

A taste of autumn

Last week I had to drive to Norfolk to do an interview. This wasn't the pretty Norfolk by the coast, but deep into the Fens. The landscape is completely flat but it's not featureless. Once you start to appreciate the big skies and the sweep of the flat fields, it is very atmospheric. Lining the route are various farm shops, small holdings, and fruit and veg for sale by the side of the road. This is prime agricultural land. The road followed the old River Nene.  

Long ago, before the Fens were drained, Fen folk got around in punts. You can imagine the network of waterways if you stand and look across to the horizon.

Once I'd finished my interview, I drove home, stopping off occasionally to have a look more closely at the landscape.
I found a fantastic farm shop, The Orchard Tea Room at Wisbech.

I bought some Comice pears which are the best I've tasted. They are from an orchard nearby, and came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, no supermarket uniformity here. I made them into a salad with blue cheese and walnuts and they were just the best.

Then I tried painting them as they're so pretty (didn't really do them justice but sketches don't always work, just have to keep experimenting). I'm still trying to keep a journal, although it's hard now I haven't got a deadline. But it does happen from time to time. A bit like my blog! I don't want to stop writing the blog, and I will aim to be back here more regularly. Thank you if you still stop by sometimes. 
You are much appreciated.


  1. Thank you for a lovely post-super photos and sketch! I always think that bright sunny mornings like today are when the fens are at their best and you can most appreciate the huge wide skies.

  2. Hi, yes, you're right, it's the best time to see them. I am really fascinated by the fens.

  3. I thought your sketch was wonderful. Love the idea of pears with blue cheese and walnuts, very tasty. My daughter lives in Norwich so I am a regular visitor to the fens, love it particularly in the summer. Hope your interview went well.

  4. Lovely....the art, the food, the landscape! Lovely :) xxx

  5. It looks a lovely place to visit, your painting came out well - the colour is accurate. You have a lovely painting style but I know how you feel when it doesn't turn out exactly as you had in your head - that's happening with my current effort and I have to put it away as I get disheartened! What a fabulous job you have (although I wouldn't like all the driving!). Betty :)

  6. Thanks Betty for your comments. I know what you mean about getting disheartened, but on balance, I do love messing about with my paints and it's a great way to relax. I must admit, although I drive to some of my jobs, especially the very rural ones, I often take the train as I'm not a great fan of motorway driving. My next trip is to Dorset in November and that will definitely be a train trip!