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Thursday, 5 February 2015


I've been out and about this week, researching an article about the county of Rutland, and including Rutland Water, the huge reservoir that lies within. It's been very cold, but there have been some beautiful sunny spells for me to explore walks, pubs, villages and tea shops. This is a cottage in Hambleton, on the Hambleton peninsula, the most picturesque of the villages I've visited so far. 

You can stand on the peninsula road and see water on both sides. 

Heading into Oakham, the market town, I visited the Castle Cottage tea room. It's tucked away just behind the castle ruins.

A nice welcome in the garden, which opens properly on March 25. And inside, it's very warm and inviting.

The county museum is fantastic. I spent an hour or two in there getting information and thoroughly enjoying looking around.

Some lovely old farm carts, and lots of domestic history about this rural county.

Then back out to the nature reserve: I like the heron standing guard at this site.

 Moody skies, and a keen wind whipping across here!

Quite glad to be at home in the warm working today.


  1. It's years since we went to Rutland.....must try and go this summer, you've got a great job! ;) xxx

  2. Lovely photo's of the English countryside! Love the sweet cottage on your first photo and the crockery inside the museum.

    Madelief x

  3. What a great tour, some lovely photos.

  4. It's a while since I have been to Rutland water. I think the last time we hired bicycles and cycled round. The museum sounds fascinating.

    1. It's a lovely museum, quite big, with some lovely displays. It's closed on Tuesdays. We don't visit Rutland Water often either, despite it's close proximity. It has made me determined to go back this summer. I think Hambleton is definitely the place to head for if you're after a walk.

  5. Such lovely photos, the first one gave me a jolt as it was so like the cottage of my granny and granddad I remember, but then I read on and it certainly wasn't in Rutland.