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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Garden Flowers

Just as I don't like anything too shiny and bling, I like my flowers simple too. It's lovely at this time of year being able to snip a few stems from the garden. I had a real urge to paint this jar full, but again have struggled to find time. So the other night I stayed up late and went ahead. 
I used my new watercolour paper from Tiger Stores - highly recommended and very economical. I've also mixed in a few of their cheap and cheerful watercolours.

I was inspired to have a go at this after revisiting a couple of old books in my collection.

And this beauty:



  1. your picture is beautiful, paper is so expensive and I really don't understand all the different weights etc that you can buy! so maybe I should take a look at Tiger Stores too.

    1. Hi Betty, it's really worth it. I love the paper, it's not too granular or overly textured, and it is described as watercolour paper. A good sized pad costs £3. I've tried all sorts and this is really very good.

    2. £3 a pad! that's very affordable - will get some - thanks :D

  2. You have such a talent, a great painting.

  3. Gorgeous flowers and beautiful painting!