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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

An auction find...

Last year, I found this amazing textile at a local auction. It is like a huge shawl, embroidered silk with fringing to the edges. It has lots of patches and some holes, but I fell totally in love with the colours. I couldn't stay to bid for it, so I left a price, and I was so excited when the phone rang to say that I had been successful.
I don't have it on display, as I don't want a teenage boy landing on it, so it just comes out from time to time to be admired.

I saw something quite similar in a new book that I've just acquired: Romantic Style by Selina Lake. I highly recommend this if you enjoy a bit of prettiness in your interiors. It has some sumptuous photos, just the thing for cheering up a dark and cold autumn afternoon.

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