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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Vintage shopping spree

A day off and I went to the Antiques and Home Show at Lincoln. I love arriving early and seeing a huge village of tents and marquees, trailers and caravans with vintage wares spread out around them. It was a beautiful day: cold but crisp and sunny. I started well, and had a wonderful time rummaging out some fabrics, and old suitcases, gathering together the bits and pieces that I love to collect or use for magazine covers.

But, disaster struck at lunchtime when I found that I had lost my wallet. Aided by a lovely security man, I retraced my steps and looked everywhere for it, but it was nowhere to be found. My friend Tracey was on hand to cheer me up and lend me some emergency funds, but I felt very downhearted. It takes me a very long time to save up for my antiques fair trips, and to lose half of the money in one go was very hard to handle.
I got home with a heavy heart, only to find a message flashing on my answerphone. My wallet had been handed in, complete with cards and cash! I've just been back to collect it. The person who handed it in hadn't left her name or address, so I won't be able to thank her or to say how grateful I am for her honesty. Antiques people sometimes have a fly-by-night reputation, but I think this proves that they're a pretty solid bunch!

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