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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Memory lane, just a quick trip...

I think it is a combination of reading Jenny at The Custards lovely nostalgic blog, a very big birthday next year and  a university reunion over the weekend, that has sent me on a rather lengthy visit down memory lane recently. 
Jenny recently wrote about her prize in a Blue Peter Keep Britain Tidy poster competition in the 1970s, and coincidentally, I won something in the same competition. This is my poster, carefully kept by my parents' for many many  years. 

I was nine when I painted this, and part of my prize was to have the poster printed. That was a thrill, but at that age, by far the most exciting part was when David Cassidy, my idol and my pin up, read out my name on air. I had no idea that I had won a prize, so I was calmly eating my tea when the hallowed one spoke my name (he stumbled slightly, as I have a rather unusual surname). I was quite overcome. I do still have my Blue Peter badge, and photos from the local newspaper as I posed with my prize (my first camera!). The hoarding gene is strong in my family...


  1. just lovely . found your blog today and love it . will be a happy follower. hesta

    1. Hi Hesta
      Thanks, and welcome to the blog. I'm glad you found me.

  2. Wow, how fantastic ... all of it ... the poster, Blue Peter, but most of all David Cassidy!!! Did you know he was my boyfriend in the 70's?

    So glad your parents kept the poster!

    Love, Claire xxx

    1. Ooh, I'm jealous! In those days, I think you were either a Donny Osmond girl or a David Cassidy fan. I saw a current photo of DC recently and unfortunately he seems to have gone for the botox/windtunnel look. Shame, I think he would have weathered quite nicely naturally ;)

  3. How wonderful - a lovely, bright and joyful poster. Mine was a dull outline of the UK being put into a waste paper bin...
    How lovely too that it has been kept and a great thing to show off about - DC adding all the more spice into the mix. I was a minor rebel at that time I decided that I would love neither DC or DO but EJ!!! I was not in with the in crowd!
    What is especially lovely is that you can see your artistic leanings at a very young age - a worthy winner and I bear no grudges....ho ho!
    Many thanks indeed for sharing this memory - perhaps we can flush out some more participants!
    Best wishes

    1. I do remember yours clearly. I am sure there was an article in the Daily Telegraph and it was pictured in there. If it was, I know my mother will have it somewhere..
      no more showing off from me now, that was my little moment.
      One last thing, who was EJ?

  4. Gosh I can now say I know someone famous! What a great thing to happen to a 9 year old! You have obviously always had a creative talent! Lovely story! Ada :)

  5. What lovely memories and such a great poster, I was also an avid Blue Peter fan, as I told Jenny I used to try and make all the (this is one I made earlier )stuff, such a great time was had by all
    Thank you for sharing
    Thea x