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Thursday, 15 November 2012

A bit of pretty

Little lavender pillows. Betty and Violet

I finished off a huge pile of work late last night to make time for a day off today. Fellow blogger Foxtail Lilly and I set off for Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire, to a Vintage Christmas Boutique fair organised by Betty and Violet. It was extremely foggy outside, but off we went into new territory and, apart from getting lost (I always get lost)  it was absolutely lovely. I haven't taken exterior pics, as it was so gloomy, but inside, a real treasure trove of vintage and handmade awaited. So many talented people making and displaying their are a few favourites.

These toile mice were gorgeous:

Lots of seasonal shimmer and sparkle.

Vintage dresses, shoes, bags and accessories galore.

Kitchenalia by Carole at  Her blue display....

And her red one....

And all rounded off with smoked salmon sandwiches and home made shortcake in the tea salon.

A thoroughly good day out. Tomorrow, it's Foxtail Lilly's Christmas preview, so I'll be getting my own wares ready tonight. 


  1. Smoked salmon sandwiches - perfect. Did you buy anything? Karen x

    1. Very little really, I was very happy browsing and soaking it all up. I did buy a few pretty fabric scraps and some beautiful pink patterned wrist warmers :)

  2. Love those little toile mice and the basket of white linen hearts.
    Looks like a fabulous Fair,
    Julie x

  3. It all looks great, have a good day at your Christmas fair! :)

  4. Thank you - great pic of the shoes! Liz

  5. Glad that you enjoyed it and for sharing the photos! Ali x