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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas covers

We were making the cover picture for the December issue of Nene Valley Living today. These are only my quick snappy snapper photos, not the real thing. Twigs and baubles was the theme. It took ages to get every bauble hanging in just the right position....but I am very lucky to be working with my friend and colleague Lesley Anne Churchill. 


  1. They look lovely, yes I can just imagine the scene! :)

  2. beautiful baubles ;0)...i brought some cheap vintage ones in a charity shop and fell in love- i love the idea of having branches this year like i do at easter for the eggs ;0)

    1. Thank you. Branches are a lovely idea, and free! I put a little white spray on mine with Wilkinson's spray paint. Lots of baubles in the charity shops, although not usually as lovely as your finds were (I spotted them on your blog).