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Friday, 8 March 2013

Pretty Pastel Style

Something lovely came through the post yesterday. Selina Lake's new book, Pretty Pastel Style with photography by Catherine Gratwicke. 
There are so many interiors books on the market now, but Selina Lake's are my favourite because the homes are attainable and they all have heart and soul. You know when you look at them that you don't need £££s to create something similar yourself.

My favourite image is this one: kitchen lust!

But there are so many more beautiful interiors:

And this one:

I did wonder how the book would incorporate vintage and retro, but it has been done really well, with plenty of traditional French-style prettiness, as well as lots of lovely retro (I love that trolley full of seventies wallpapers in the above picture). I will spend hours poring over this, I have only just begun and I would highly recommend it.

I am feeling inspired because the builders are currently in our house, refitting our bathroom. It's long overdue, our small family bathroom takes a hammering, the Cath Kidston style really didn't suit the male contingent, and there is always a queue in the mornings. Although it's only one room that is being gutted, the house seems to be in chaos, and there are dust sheets and bootprints everywhere. I've gone for practicality in this new room. My only concession to vintage is the rectangular tube train style wall tiles. 

Our builder is great, and when I took him and his mate a mug of tea this morning he told me that he'd noticed that I liked 'old fashioned bits and pieces.' I agreed that I certainly do. 'I am going to bring you a present next week,' he said. 'Something I've had for a while now and I've never known what to do with it....'
A vintage-friendly builder! I'll keep you posted....*

* It's a tiny bottle, with a printed label and copperplate writing.


  1. I haven't got my copy yet-I did order it a while ago. Looking forward to it. xxx

  2. thank you so much for this lovely post! I'm delighted you are enjoying my Pretty Pastel Style book XXX

    1. Thanks for reading and linking to me on FB.