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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Trolley transformed

I found this trolley in Age Concern last year. It was only £4.99 and I loved the shape and the handles. It's very plain, and solid. Of course, it didn't look quite like this when I acquired it. 

I wanted to wait until it was sunny so I could take it outside and paint it. 

I can't keep this, much as I love it, so it will be coming to my two sales which are planned for May. One is on the 6th, and the other is on the 11th.

I feel like Mrs Overall as I trundle it from room to room.

It's a busy week. I was in Sheffield on Monday doing an interview, and my son and I went to Manchester yesterday so he could have another look at the university. It's decision time, and revision time in our house. Student finance and all the things that go with it. Exciting and daunting and quite stressful at times. 
It's good to be able to retreat into some making from time to time....


  1. Yes busy times! It seems such a busy thing choosing a Uni and all the stuff that goes with it!
    Your trolley is fab, I've just brought a tin of spray paint and will hopefully get mine done soon, I'm like you it usually takes at least a year to get around to beginning a project! :) x

    1. Hi Ada, I hadn't thought of spray paint, I used the last of my Annie Sloan chalk, but spray would be good for a smoother finish.

  2. ~ Here, Here We have been doing all the uni stuff too! ~ and ditto...I have just painted up an old tea trolley too, in work I may add....Like yours it has come up a treat! Would like to bring home now! But sadly running out of room and pennies! ~ with kindest thoughts...Maria x

  3. I love your trolly Mrs Overall!!...I bought one last year and painted it for the garden room,, very handy for the garden,
    I feel for you with the Uni thing, all my three went through the same, thinking of you
    Thank you for your kind words
    Thea x

  4. Coconut macaroon Miss Bab's.... that trolley is fabby. I keep spotting tea trolleys in the local charity shops but they're never at such a bargain price. Sarah x

    1. Hehe. A macaroon is yours.
      It was very cheap, and in a charity shop where I never usually find anything, they don't even have much old stuff usually.

  5. Thats wonderful! I do love grey....we have a fair sprinkling of it in our house too.
    Now, may I enquire about your lovely carpet? is it seagrass?....I am researching similar for our newly redecoraed sitting room....??

    1. Yes, it is seagrass. A bit hard on bare feet but I do like it. No floorboards in our house so it was the next best thing...