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Monday, 29 April 2013

Village auction

I recently went to a village auction. I have two sales coming up and thought I might just top up my stock, but I only had a very small amount of money to spend. You know how when you're not expecting something to be good and it turns out to be a little bit awesome? It was one of those. I bought:

* a large batch of linen which contained three of these children's smock dresses, all hand made, quite worn and much patched and intricately darned, but so very beautiful (to me anyway). I think they are Victorian.

The shape looks strange because of my coat hanger. 
* I also bought a huge solid stone planter (photos to follow) which nearly broke the suspension on my car, two huge wooden letter racks, some china and this pair:

They came with a large batch of china dogs. My family could not see the appeal, but I quite like them.
I'm getting my stock ready in spare hours snatched here and there.

I have lots and lots of fabric, I had no idea that I'd stashed so much away. I am making a patchwork with some of it, but there's plenty over to sell and then some...


  1. Well done you..those little dresses are beautiful, isn't it strange when you are not expecting much, the day turns out to be overflowing with treasures
    Kind Wishes
    Thea x

  2. Oooh very jealous there - what a brilliant haul you have - the child's dress is beautiful (okay the little doggies are cute as well!)Jane x

  3. Gosh gosh that last picture makes my heart sing! :) x

    1. Thanks, and I know how you feel because I get that fluttery feeling when I see fabric in photos or in the flesh...which is how I've ended up with far too much. The trouble is, I know I'll buy more, I just love the colours, the textures, just everything about it (ironic as I'm such a poor needlewoman).

  4. I think those dogs are cute - and thats coming from a cat lover. Hope you do very well at your sales and make plenty of money to buy more treasure. Karen xx

  5. The dress reminds me of a christening gown. The dogs are just tooo sweet!