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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Roses in the rain

Beautiful roses in my parents' garden. The smell is incredible, I wish I could convey it through the screen.
I stood in the rain and photographed them because, yes, it is raining again....

The gardens around us are overflowing with flowers. I'm going to at least one open gardens this weekend.

Dad has cut me a few roses to bring home. I've arranged them in an old bowl that I found at Newark Antiques Fair a couple of weeks ago. It is too dark to photograph them this evening. I'll try tomorrow...which, incidentally, might prove to be a rather interesting day. I'll report back soon.


  1. Well its raining here too and my roses aren't blooming yet so I shall enjoy your pictures. Do you know which rose it is as its so beautiful?Hope tomorrow goes well and maybe the sun will shine - you never know. Karen xx

    1. Karen,
      I'll find out, he tells me every year and I forget the name. They are simply the nicest roses I've ever seen!
      Fiona x

  2. ~ Ever so pleased you are' taking time to smell the roses', along life's way...nothing and I mean nothing beats the smell of garden roses! Beautiful! Have you smelt the perfume of the wild roses at the moment , they conjure up memories for me of out doors playing wild and free, when small...Happy days! Maria x

  3. Beautiful flowers, sunshine here today! :) x

  4. Gorgeous blooms....ooooh you torment us with your talk of tomorrow, I'm all on tenterhooks now longing to know ~ Sarah x

  5. The roses are gorgeous and yes I can almost smell them. Sunshine and showers here today in Essex. Enjoy tomorrow.
    Patricia x