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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Party pom poms

I'm seeing these lovely party pom poms in lots of magazines at the moment. Feeling slightly smug that I bought mine at Christmas in Wilko's for a bargainous price. Party preparations are proceeding apace now. I've made some more bunting.

I loved making the square bunting, it was so much less fiddly than triangles and I actually prefer the look of it. I had a go at some embroidery words and some fabric printing too.

It's a bit rough and ready, but that's my style ;) 

Currently fighting off a cold, which is not such good news. I don't want to accessorise my dress with a red nose on Saturday.

I see that everyone survived the big blog non-event on July 1st. However, I think I will now re-follow my favourites on Bloglovin'. Don't want to miss out. I enjoy the blogging community so much.


  1. I bet you're soooo excited! I love parties! :) x

  2. Ooh looking good! I think I'll try the square bunting, I really like the look of it ... Was going to try the triangular variety and fell at first fence with the triangle cutting ... Enough said.

    Thanks for popping over to me before

    Have a great week and hoe you're fighting fit for Saturday

    Love Claire xx

    1. Haha, yes, I failed with the triangle cutting too...this is much easier all round! Great for using up scraps too.

  3. Love the pom poms and the bunting looks fab too :o)

  4. I think your party will be fab.The decorations are looking wonderful.

  5. Gorgeous bunting - makes a lovely header pic too. Hope you don't feel too bad with all the preparations to do this week. Hot lemon and honey with a drop of whisky might help! Karen xx

  6. Oooh its all getting exciting for you..yes since I saw your pot on the pom poms they have been in all the mags and I always think of your party..well done you, love your bunting.
    Barnsdale was so very beautiful and very special, and we loved Rutland, you are very lucky to live so close,
    I think I may have seen one of your magazines in the Hotel, it looked like one of your beautiful shots on the front page
    Hope you feel better soon
    Thea x

  7. I also love the square bunting instead of the triangles as it looks a bit more vintagy, Lucey x