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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Autumn assortment

Over summer, I picked up a lot of second hand books at various sales and charity shops. Old books are the ultimate guilt-free purchase for me. They cost pennies, and they're easy to store, so if I see a good one or more, I get them. I've hardly had time to look at what I found during the last few busy months, so today I went through my boxes to see what I've got.

Old nature books are probably my favourites. A scrappy old cover can often hide beautiful illustrations inside, like this one.

And some great black and white illustrations too.

These three 'Little Guides' cost a bit more, but I fell in love with the cover illustrations.

The Derbyshire one is my favourite:

I found this copy of The Go-Between in a hospice shop.I had pinned the cover on Pinterest, never dreaming that I'd actually find the real thing - and especially not for 75p. But there it was:

One of my all-time favourite novels. LP Hartley was born in Peterborough, not too far from where I live. 

And finally, I just wanted to share these beautiful cards which I recently purchased from an artist called Kirsty Elson. I interviewed her for a magazine and thought that her driftwood sculptures were incredible. She has a Facebook page with a huge following. I'm not surprised. She is very talented.

Her autumn design is just beautiful.

You can purchase these cards via Kirsty's Facebook page. They cost £10 for five. All the pieces are made from recycled materials found on the beach near her home in Cornwall.


  1. You have made me smile today - I collect old nature books too especially wildflower ones and have quite a collection now and the last year I have been adding beautifully illustrated old county guides and maps to my shelves. The Go- Between is also one of very favourite novels - I have a very tattered copy from my teenage years which was read over and over again. Last week I bought the dvd starring Julie Christie and Alan Bates for watching tonight whilst one son is at a party and the other a firework display - with chocolates I don't have to share. Its lovely to know someone else enjoys the same things. Have a lovely sunday. Karen xx

    1. Karen, that's an amazing coincidence. I absolutely love that film with Alan Bates and Julie Christie. Enjoy ...I am supposed to be going to a party in a marquee but it's bucketing down at the moment :)

  2. Loving your books. I have the autumn ladybird one and saw all the seasons books today in Leeds but they were £4 each! I didnt pay more than 50p for mine. Those cards are beautiful and you could easily frame them to make beautiful pictures for the walls.Kirsty is one clever lady.

    1. Hi Anne
      Yes, the Ladybirds fetch high prices now. I was lucky to find a box in a charity shop for 20p each.
      Glad you liked the cards, too.

  3. Love all your nature books they're so interesting to read. I have a couple of pieces and cards made by Kirsty she is one clever lady, x

  4. Love those old Ladybird books. Take me right back to my childhood. Love Kirsty's stuff too. J x

  5. Beautiful illustrations - a reminder of a bygone age.