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Sunday, 6 October 2013


Well, that was a beast of a work week, and I am sorry I haven't popped in here before now. A weekend of domestic pottering, sorting and rearranging has set me back on course. I had a plum invasion to deal with: our tree is only really half a tree, the other part is dead, but for some reason what started as a little sprout of leaves and white blossom has turned into kilos and kilos of bluey purple plums. 

They are so ripe now that they are cracking and leaking beads of golden coloured juice, so I had to pick them today.

There are bowls and bowls full on the kitchen table. We've had plum crumble for dinner, and there's plum compote in the fridge. There may be plum jam soon, too. It's the apple situation all over again! My son has just announced that he 'doesn't really like plums that much,' but at least the guinea pig does (although she can only have one a day). It looks very much like the walnuts will be raining down on us soon, too. So it is indeed a season of mellow fruitfulness where we are.

I found a sweet old apron to use in my patchwork quilt. It is a bit stained and holey, so I don't feel guilty about chopping it up. There is fresh impetus to crack on with the quilt now, because I'm busy rearranging our bedroom and I'd love to put the finished item on our bed. The large brown box that arrived last week was a new wardrobe, and much sorting out and recycling of clothes has been taking place, the chaos seems to have permeated every single room.
When I have managed to flake out in a chair, I've been reading a beautiful book. The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier is all about quilts and Quakers in 19th century USA. It's a gentle read, but an extremely  thought provoking story and I'd highly recommend it. 
Hopefully, I will be a more frequent visitor to my blog over the coming week. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
PS Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's apple and almond pudding is currently winning in the favourite apple recipe stakes....


  1. Wow, time to google plum recipes perhaps? Love your tea towel.

  2. Looks delicious, can't wait to see your finished patchwork! :) x

  3. Don't the plums look scrummy all laid out on your table, certainly is a bumper crop..sounds like you have been super busy, its very satisfying having a good sort out
    Thea x

  4. I love plums - we had a plum crumble for lunch today and it was warm enough to eat outside. They are just so beautiful to look at tucked around the house in bowls. Hope the patchwork is going well. Karen xx

  5. Love the tea towel and that pie looks yummy. Jacqui x

  6. That really is a bumper harvest! I like the sound of apple and almond pudding.

  7. My mum and dad had a bumper plum harvest too this year, not to mention comice pears! Thankfully we are getting some sent our way as they cant possibly eat all. One of the doctors at work brought in a load of bramley apples today and I made an apple crumble for our pud tonight, Heaven!!

    1. Annie, I've just finished a bowl of plum and apple crumble with cinnamon and extra ground almonds on top! It was delicious...

    2. Sorry, I didn't mean to put 'Annie!'