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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday print

Today's print was a toadstool. I'm getting better at controlling the ink, but still find cutting out the designs pretty difficult. It's so enjoyable though. Total absorption.


  1. Your mushroom print is lovely. I did lino cutting/printing years ago so appreciate how hard it is! My daughter is currently using a fantastic piece of (very expensive) laser equipment at college to make her own lino stamps. She makes her design, scans it into the computer and the laser cuts it for her! It picks up every little detail from the original design. I do love her hand cut lino prints though and the fact that they have slight imperfections when printed I think adds to the charm.

    1. Hi Jaqui, thanks for that feedback. Really interested to hear about your daughter's print technique too. Things have moved on a lot. I read about a fellow blogger downloading an embroidery design into her sewing machine. Amazing.