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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Village days - part 2

Just one final open gardens/village tour. This is Apethorpe, a tiny village which has a huge country house hidden away behind the main street. Apethorpe Hall is owned by English Heritage and is being restored, so it's rarely open to the public. Last weekend, the gardens, still a work in progress, were accessible, along with  eight or nine village gardens. Again, it was perfect weather. 

This cute cottage had a bric a brac stall in the garden. The owner was selling crystal wine glasses for 10p each. I am not a fan of crystal, so I didn't buy, but afterwards I wondered if I should have done!

Fantastic idea for a library....and here is Apethorpe Hall.

It is a Jacobean house, a favourite with royalty of the time. It has been an approved school (in the 1980s) and was then owned by a Sheikh who never visited. Finally, English Heritage bought it under a compulsory purchase order a few years ago. A massive restoration programme has been underway ever since. Work is ongoing inside and out but it's all taking shape. There are stonemasons workshops and stacks of stone work everywhere....

Scaffolding on the walled garden.

This is a listed lily pond.

Ancient trees.

And meadow walks.

A graceful stable block:

The Hall is now for sale. Rumours were swirling that a French Count has already bought it, but over the years, there have been many reports of rock stars, actors and royalty who are interested. The cream tea tent was full of gossip as to who the secret purchaser could be. "Just so long as it's not an oligarch," said one lady. "Just think of all those gold taps!"

I still think I'd prefer a cottage like this one. And maybe a car like this?

Hope you enjoyed the tour. 


  1. Ah yes - the bliss of a warm day in a beautiful village...........
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you for some lovely garden tours. I remember seeing a t.v.programme a little while ago about the restoration of Apethorpe.