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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Colourful interludes

The new issue of BBC Homes and Antiques fell on my mat this morning. It's my favourite UK magazine at the moment: I like the fact that the homes featured are not interior designer 'greige' domains that look as if they have been put together on a mood board in some design studio and never lived in. I much prefer the quirky vibe of the H&A look. And anything that says Thrifty Chic on the cover automatically gets my vote.

I found these wonderful old skeins of mending wool (top) in a charity shop for 25p each. I took all the bright ones, although I wish I'd scooped the whole batch now, as the labels are fantastic. I am building a good collection of needlework accessories.
Finally, my Marilyn Moore shirt has to make an appearance as I am loving colour this week. These clothes are beautiful, but they are way, way beyond my budget. Then I discovered that a local clothes shop discounts them by 70 per cent at the end of sale time. I waited and waited, and finally, today, there it was. A proper bargain.

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