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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Looking ahead

I know we should appreciate each season for its attributes, but I can't help it, I would like to fast forward through January and February. I am looking at bulbs and plants, and longing to see some green shoots poking through the soil (although my snowdrops are making a reluctant appearance). So, today I thought I would cheat and use a couple of spring-like shots from last year.
The anemones in the basket are real. I took the photo on a sunny March day after a visit to the market. The second shot is on location at my friend Tracey's florist's shop Foxtail Lilly in nearby Oundle, a wonderful place to anticipate the growing season.
Today, I cheered myself up with a quick and very thrifty shopping spree: a gorgeous leather granny purse from my local Sue Ryder charity shop and a little box of vintage Liberty print hankies. Flip the lid and there they are, a riot of colour. I shall photograph them when the light is better.

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  1. Lovely pictures, I think we all feel the same at this time of year.I have been to your friends flower shop and meet the lovely lady herself.Heres hoping for some winter sunshine.Lesley.