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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Party plans

This year, we'll be having a small open house type party near Christmas. Today,  I made the invitations. A few quick watercolours, four on an A4 page, photocopied on my computer printer, did the trick.

I've always enjoyed preparing for a party (even my son's 16th, which gave me a few sleepless nights, although it all turned out fine!). At college, we had very simple ones - usually because of lack of funds. We'd go to the market and buy wooden crates full of satsumas and heap them up in bowls in every room of our unlovely rented place. A few pans of mulled wine on the stove,  and even that chilly house became  fragrant and festive.  

When I was in hospital I promised myself that if I carried on getting better, there should definitely be a party again this year, and my husband agreed wholeheartedly. So far, so good....

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  1. Your party invitations are wonderful - also I so agree, with your last paragraph - a friend once said to me 'take life and party!'. I wish you well x