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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Power of Making

Yesterday was a great day. I went to London, and did three things: I met one of my oldest friends for lunch, I visited the Power of Making exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum - oh yes, and I did a spot of work (but not very much).
The above image is the sight that greeted me when I finally emerged from the V&A - a pop up ice rink and carousel outside the Natural History Museum. It was really magical. My entire visit to the museum fits into that category. I have wanted to go along for so long, and I wasn't disappointed.
The actual exhibition is all about crafts in modern life. There are all sorts of skills on show, from traditional ones, such as saddlery and dry stone walling, to computer-generated furniture and many cutting edge methods, too. 

Photography wasn't allowed, so I can't show my favourite exhibits. But I loved the words about making in the catalogue:

"For many people, making is critical for survival. For others it is a chosen vocation; a way of thinking inventing and innovating. And for some it is simply a delight to be able to shape a material and say: 'I made that.' The power of making is that it fulfils each of these human needs and desires."

I didn't have nearly long enough at the V&A, and I'd like to go back for day with my sketch book. But I did find time for a visit the shop. It was amazing, so many beautiful things....this is a little selection of what I bought (minus the Christmas never know who is reading:

I was too late for the cafe, which was closing its doors when I finally emerged from the shop, but I couldn't resist taking a few shots as it was so special. I could just imagine settling into one of these little nooks for tea and cake on a winter afternoon:

Yes, a repeat visit is urgently needed. I didn't even venture into the other galleries, and I would love to see the textiles and fashion. Highly, highly recommended.

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  1. I was in the V&A last year when I was visiting London. Would love to go again.