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Saturday, 1 December 2012


The winner of my first giveaway is...............Nelly!

Congratulations Nelly. Please drop me an email, to let me know your address and your parcel will soon be winging its way to your door.

It was a beautiful day here and I walked to a church bazaar in the next village and came home with an armful of Chinese lanterns to decorate for Christmas. At 20p a bunch, I think that was a bargain! Hope you're having a good weekend. 


  1. Lucky nelly!
    I'm very envious....
    Have a happy weekend.
    Daisy x

  2. Well done, Nelly - lucky girl! Karen x

  3. Ooh! Wow! I have NEVER won a single thing in my life! How wonderful, thank you so much, I am very excited and happy indeed. I came back from quilting at the Imperial War Museum and found this happy news..brilliant. I will email now. Many thanks to you! x