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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Winter Sunday

It has been a Sunday of sorting out. A not-quite-Christmas Sunday, where a few preparations are being made, without any big pressure because 'there's still time....' So, that means some wrapping, card writing:

A bit of glow...

Some making

Quite a bit of skiving off...


In fact, this cherry cake is not for us. At my eldest son's parents evening last week, his English teacher leant over the desk and said sorrowfully: "I'm afraid there is one thing that I do need to mention to you..." My heart sank and I gave my son a hard stare. "Yes?" I said, bracing myself. 
"Every month, we ask the students to bring in some cake to have in the lesson. Last Monday, it was Jack's turn...and he forgot," she said. "We were all very disappointed."
My son is the only boy in a class of 12, so I could imagine the reaction when he failed to come up with the goods. Yes, a cake crime had been committed and the mistake had to be rectified as soon as possible. Hence, a cherry and almond cake for school tomorrow.
And finally, I've been doing something I really enjoy at this time of year: pulling out recipes from magazines and newspaper, dreaming what I'll make over the holiday period (it doesn't always happen but I enjoy thinking about it...)

I'm off to light the fire and do a bit more of that culinary plotting and planning...


  1. Dear Streetcomber
    What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. I particularly like the little silvery birds in your first photo.
    Hope the cake goes down well tomorrow!
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Ellie. I found the little birds in Sainsbury's, of all places, when I was doing the shopping on Saturday!

  2. Love the cake crime story, your poor son, bet he's had some stick for that! :)

  3. He has! Of course, he would much rather go and buy some doughnuts from Tesco, but the teacher insists the cakes should be homemade :)

  4. Loving those little houses! Glad you had a lovely Sunday x

  5. I love your Sunday and am thinking these are just the best days to have!!
    Sending 'Twinkles' *****
    Love Maria x