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Friday, 7 December 2012


It's been a busy, busy working week and I haven't really had time to think about Christmas, but I was very taken with these giant snowflake decorations in Wilkinsons. They cost £1 each.

They also had huge pom poms, in white and also in bright colours. I bought some of those in pink to stash away for a major birthday party that I have planned for the summer. 

No real snowflakes around here, unfortunately, just driving rain. I'll be back this weekend. Stay warm and dry.


  1. WOW that's good value for £1 you couldn't even make them for thst!! Only wish I could get down there I won't be going far with the dreaded "moon boot" haha, Lucey xx

  2. It is good value, and I couldn't make them, as not too good with paper crafts!

  3. They are beautiful, I've been very impressed with Wilkos decorations this year, they had a great bell wreath but my pennies couldn't stretch that far, I could do a pound though! :)

    1. Yes, even just one hung in the window looks good :)

  4. Ooh they're lovely! Just off to Wilko's ... xx