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Saturday, 9 February 2013

A pastel afternoon

It's the first Saturday of half term and there is a mellow feeling in the house. Just the sound of various sports scores being shouted from room to room. Saucepans clinking in the kitchen as youngest makes a banofee pie. There are no mad homework deadlines, revision or thoughts of school for a couple of days. 
I'm planning the March cover for the local magazine, so I've piled all my props on the table. Things I have by me, or that I've collected over the last few weeks with this in mind.

The temptation is always to cram too many things into the shot. Photographer Lesley Anne will arrive on Monday and find about 10,000 Easter themed items on my table and she will patiently remove about 9,995 of them, before we get the picture just right. It always happens. 

Out of these shots are three pots of daffodils, three of primulas and a bunch of tulips. Probably none of them will end up with a starring role, but you just never know.
The little brown tea caddy came from the British Heart Foundation shop recently, it's so pretty and the wood has been smoothed over the years by unknown hands. The knob may be bakelite, I'm not sure.

The green toast rack in the second pic is from a new retro shop that opened today in a very small village two miles away. I had to go and photograph it for the magazine, and it just seemed rude not to buy something, especially as there was a discount for the opening day. It's a brave venture, opening a shop in a village, but lots of local folk had turned out to support the owner. There was cake and cava flowing at 11am and a lovely atmosphere. Daisy Chain in Wansford, if you're ever passing. It's right next to the A1, north of Peterborough.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. What a lovely, lovely part of your job! :) x

  2. I love the caddy and that pretty plate - hope they are in the final shot. Lovely to have a reason to buy pretty things (as if we need one!). Enjoy that banofee pie. Karen xx