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Friday, 15 February 2013

A top five favourite destination

Kettle's Yard, in Cambridge, is one of my favourite places. I've visited quite a few times in the last 20 years, but I hadn't been recently. Today, my youngest son and I went to Cambridge on the train, and we decided to call in. For anyone who doesn't know, Kettle's Yard was the home of a man called Jim Ede, who was the curator at the Tate Gallery in the 1920s. He befriended lots of young artists, and began to collect their work. After he retired, he travelled with his wife, Helen, and they then settled in Cambridge, choosing a home where they could showcase their amazing collection of art, furniture and natural objects. The idea was to create a place where people could: 'find a home and a welcome, a refuge of peace and order, of the visual arts and music...a continuing way of which stray objects, stones, glass, pictures, sculpture are arranged in light and space.'

The place is actually four cottages which were adapted into one home. The light is amazing, and all of the objects are displayed according to Jim's vision. He and Helen  lived here for 16 years, opening it every afternoon to the public.  Now Kettle's Yard belongs to the University of Cambridge. You can call in between 2-4pm, and spend time there, sitting on the chairs and reading the books. It is the  most beautiful, restful place to be.

 This window sill full of plants, with shells and pebbles placed between them, is stunning, and today the sun was streaming in.

Everything in the  house is understated and plain, so the paintings sing out.

A bed strewn with dried flowers....

Collections of china, cracked and chipped, no less beautiful for that.

You are allowed to sit in the chairs, it's very relaxed, although the objects are not for touching.

I love this giant sofa and the picture of pears above it. There is so much space to breathe.

What a wonderful spot to sit and read or write. I won't leave it so long until I visit again. 
One of the things I love about this place is that it's accessible to all, entry is free, although of course they would like to receive donations, and you can become a 'friend' for £20 a year. 

Where is your favourite place?


  1. Kettle's Yard is one of my favourite places too. So tranquil.

  2. Oh what a lovely place to visit. I've been to Cambridge many times but never heard of this. Definitely on my wish list next time I go. Thanks for this.
    Patricia x

  3. What an amazing place, so calm and beautiful, I could happily spend an afternoon there, no reading though, I'd be too nosy! :) x

    1. Great place to recharge the batteries. So many little still lifes, paintings and objects, everywhere you look.

  4. How beautiful and no clutter even though lots of 'things' stunning...must put it on my 'bucket list'
    Daisy J