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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Up in the air

The twinkling lights of the capital, as viewed from The Shard last night. I went right up to the top, as part of a press event, and I thought it was spectacular. I felt very safe up in the air, but the 360 degree view gives a strange sensation. 

I wish I knew more about physics because I simply don't understand how this stays upright! And I thought a lot about the builders and workmen who scaled the heights to put it all in place. 

St Paul's Cathedral is visible here. It's not my usual blog style, I know, but I thought I would share.

I look as if I am being teleported, disintegrating into a thousand tiny atoms! But I think I was holding on too tightly for that to happen...


  1. What an amazing experience and spectacular views!

  2. How stunning! and even though its not your usual style...its very interesting for those of us who haven't been up there YET?
    daisy j

    1. Thanks Daisy. I know I always enjoy reading about trips and excursions, so I hope that others will too. The one thing I'd say is that The Shard is expensive and leaves no stone unturned to make some extra £s. We were offered photos of ourselves posing against a fake Shard backdrop for £50 (in a fake leather frame)! Definitely best to take your own camera :)

  3. That looks totally terrifying! I think I will give that experience a miss next time I visit the big smoke! A mooch around the shops in Covent Garden would suit me better! Lizzie

  4. Ha, well that depends how you feel about heights. I'm scared of loads of things, but not tall buildings :)

  5. You are very brave...I hate heights, looks amazing though, and love the photo of you teleporting startrekky stylee dad used to love star trek..yawn!! :-) xx