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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Devon finds

I think this was my favourite purchase from the Totnes vintage market last Friday. 

A crochet country cottage tea cosy which is in pristine condition. Thank you Vintage Chick!
I also found this shabby old shelf.

I love the little compartments. I am going to use it for my very occasional sales as I will be able to display all sorts of small treasures on there. The small toffee tins were bought for me by my eldest son who texted me from home early on Sunday morning. The conversation went like this:
"Mum, I am at a car boot sale and I have found some old tins, do you want me to buy them for you?"
Me: "Are they pretty, do they have writing on?"
Him: "They are old tins. That's all."
Me: "Are they red? Do they have the words 'toffee' or 'sweets' on them?"
Him: "They are toffee tins. One of them is a red toffee tin."
Me: "Okay, if you can get the price down a little bit, I will have them...."
He bought them for me. I have taught him well!

Little cake pans. I am growing a collection of these. 

And this is my souvenir poster. 

A pretty old mirror from the RSPCA shop.

And finally, my doodled impressions of Devon. x

Welcome to my new followers. It's lovely to have you along.


  1. Loving the old shelf unit.Its something I would have bought too. Like the tins too.Clever lad, just like his mum, you have taught him well!!

  2. I love your shabby shelf too - gorgeous. Lovely hand mirror also.

  3. I love your doodle - very creative. Well done with the purchases - I have only gone to one car boot this 'season' - it is for the best I think!
    Best wishes

  4. I'm not going to anymore car boots at the moment, my home is full! You've got some lovely things, I'm with you on the tea cosy, fab! :) x

    1. Yes, it's looking pretty full here too. But I can never say never when it comes to a car boot.

  5. Beautiful doodle - all the best memories of Devon. My sons hate car boot sales and can only just tolerate vintage shops and are generally rude about the smell of them but at least they do come with me sometimes. Love your little shelf.

  6. Mine have come round to them. The eldest quite likes the fact that he can get retro things for his room, and also very cheap DVDs!

  7. Lots of lovely little treasures. I love Totnes and must visit again soon.
    Great doodle.