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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Three go wild in Devon...

Devon was just beautiful last week. We have come back feeling so relaxed and even a bit sun-kissed as we had great weather. I won't be a holiday bore, but here are just a few shots of West Country loveliness. Mainly, we walked along the coast paths, sat on the beach, ate fresh crab sandwiches in the sun, discovered Dartmoor and the winding lanes of this greenest of counties.

The walk to Strete above Blackpool Sands was perfect.

The bay is secluded, and very pretty. After a couple of hours sunbathing, we went to explore and ended up walking to the next village.

I loved the way that the landscape changed in just a couple of miles. Meadows, woodland, pastures, streams...

Just three of us on holiday this year. Eldest son stayed to work at his summer job.

We took the path that you can just see on the fields above...I love this view. It would make a great oil painting, or maybe a lino print. 
We also explored Dartmoor. I think I've only ever driven through before, and I loved its wildness. It was so easy to lose the Bank Holiday crowds. Carey and I went for a beautiful walk and hardly saw a soul...just some wild ponies and some inquisitive cows. As well as moorland, there is the River Dart, fringed with rowan trees which were loaded with bright red berries.

And we came across these magical stepping stones...

We were staying in the centre of Totnes, house and cat sitting for some old friends. They left a list of suggestions for us, and we had great fun exploring somewhere new every day. This walk started from the house and took us to a village called Ashprington.

I was delighted to find one of my favourite things, yep, a roadside stall....

We walked about 10k that day, so this was a welcome sight...

I'll pop back tomorrow with more about Totnes, the vintage market and a few finds.


  1. Looks lovely. Devon is such a beautiful county.

  2. Just such a stunning part of the country..I love it
    Thank you for sharing your magical trip
    Thea xx

  3. Magical! Loving those thatched roofs. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. What dreamy pictures. I so enjoy seeing them.

  5. Dear Streetcomber
    Lovely photos. The landscape one with the path would also make a lovely felt picture too. I particularly like the roadside stall -the colours are wonderful!
    Best wishes

  6. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit. I love Devon and am proud to call it 'Home'. Can't wait to see more!

    1. Aah, you are so lucky to live there! Next instalment coming soon!

  7. Oh I am so jealous! Catching up on blogs so am reading backwards!
    My parents built a house in Dittisham 20yrs ago so I know the area where you have been very well!
    Julie xxxxxxx