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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Seasonal inspiration

A new picture for today. I drove by a roadside stall last week, screeched to a halt and took some photos. I love roadside stalls, with the honesty box and the jumble of seasonal things for sale, so I thought I'd have a go at painting one. I'm looking for displacement activities today as tomorrow will bring A level results to my eldest son. I have no real idea what to expect. He is out, busy working his summer cafe job, so I am just trying to put it all out of my head for now....what will be, will be etc
A new batch of September magazines has provided some great inspiration, I have another idea which I might start later. There were some beautiful images this month.

Country Homes and Interiors

LandScape (bit biased, as I have some articles in it this month) but do love their nature photography

Country Living, a lovely September issue


  1. Another beautiful painting and I hope all goes well tomorrow. I remember results day very well with my two daughters.

  2. This is my favourite so far - how are the cards coming along :) Hope its celebrations later today.

    1. Hi Karen,
      Feedback is so useful. I am just testing the water with them a bit more and when I get back from holiday at the end of August, I think I'll go for the cards. I'll probably choose 4 designs.

      And yes - got the results he needed this morning, huge relief and big smiles all round!

    2. Well done to your eldest - he can relax and enjoy the rest of the holidays now.

  3. Beautiful images and a very clever painting, congratulations to you all, your son and his supportive and loving family
    Thea xx