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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I first visited Anthropologie about five years ago when we went to San Francisco. I loved the style of the shop, which did not feel like a large, corporate chain, even though it is, and especially the amazing jewellery. I'd never seen anything like it in my price bracket, and I am still wearing the things that I bought on that holiday. I'd heard that it opened in London's Regent Street last year, but I hadn't had a chance to have a look until today. I had a work meeting just around the corner, so I knew exactly where I'd be heading once it was over.
It is a lovely shop with clever styling. I love these books (Penguin Classics) ....and these little notebooks, cleverly displayed on clip boards, which were hanging on the wall. Some very pretty details, such as bundle of weathered, vintage frames (just seen above)....but I wasn't prepared for how expensive the UK store would be. I guess the exchange rate must have been very favourable all those years ago. Anyway, I came away with a few ideas, and a very pretty cup, to be put away for Mothers Day.
And now I am just resting my tired London was very hot in the capital today!
PS I am sorry that my photos are in no particular order. The server was not cooperating tonight

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