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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Here come the girls....

In a house full of males, it is easy to feel outnumbered at times, especially as the boys are getting older. So, when we decided to have some guinea pigs in the family, I made it clear that they had to be girls. Minnie and Syrup are almost three now, and we've had them since they were a few weeks old. They are brilliant. Although they are nervous by nature, these girls are really quite tame. They love to go free range around our living room, making bold forays to the fridge whenever they hear the door opening, and after exploring the room a few times, they usually crash out by the radiator where I make a bed for them. I haven't worked out how to house train them yet....but it's worth it. Here they are in their run, probably their favourite place. They are loving the new spring grass which is just coming through.

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