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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Charity shop love

Although I work, I don't often go 'to work,' as my daily commute is just down the corridor and into my study. Most of the people on the local magazine that employs me are freelance, and are also home workers. Once in a while, we do get together, and yesterday was one of those times. We had a good meeting, and I was meandering back to the car park via the five charity shops that are on my route (as you do), and it was one of those rare golden days when you see lots of wonderful things all at once. 
Firstly, the lady in the Cancer Research shop was just unpacking a suitcase full of fabric scraps and craft materials. She was very excited about it and so was I, and my rummage resulted in these pieces for patchwork. A lovely little lot for £1 (particularly loving the green and pink rosey print in the foreground).

Then, in Help the Aged I was just reaching for the green glass vases (above) when a flash of pink caught my eye and I was across the shop like a rod of lightning. An Ikea Rosali rug was hanging forlornly between two sets of horrible curtains. This comes from the era of the revered Cath Kidston duvets with the paisley design and polka dots, probably about five or six years ago now. I could not wait to pay my £3.99 and get  it home and into the washing machine. It's now flapping away on the line in the sunshine, looking very pretty and fresh.

This colour combination makes me feel really happy.....


  1. What wonderful finds. Whenever I go to a charity shop, which isn't that often, I never see anything that catches my eye. Must go more often methinks!

  2. Wow you were really lucky, I did the rounds today and found nothing :-( ..... love the rug very pretty colours x

  3. So many times I leave empty handed, and it's always when I'm not seriously hunting that things seem to appear....

  4. What lovely finds and all matching, Friday is my charity shop day on the way for some bacon for tea!. Julie xxx