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Sunday, 26 February 2012

A wild goose chase (with a happy ending)

Fired up by last weekend's visit to a stately home open garden, I spotted another one in the local newspaper this week, and I decided  that I would go. It was a bit further afield, and I thought I knew where it was, but as I have an appalling sense of direction, I set the sat nav to make sure I didn't waste a precious minute. Forty five hair raising minutes later and I found myself on an industrial estate, sandwiched between a maze of dual carriage ways, two miles from the centre of Northampton, and my pesky nav was telling me that I had arrived at my destination. I think not! With thoughts of my cream tea and floral shots fading fast, I punched in our home address and turned the car around, feeling really cheated. I'd almost arrived home when I saw one of the distinctive yellow NGS signs in our nearest market town. Yes! A garden....and rather a sweet one it was, too.

It nestles amidst some beautiful stone Georgian houses, with beautiful old walls and slated roof tops visible all around. 

Back home in time to do some much needed work in my own garden, too. So the day was rescued after all!

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  1. What a lovely find and such pretty plants and flowers. Sometimes these things are meant to be - que sera sera.