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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Away day

I usually enjoy my work, but I have to say, this week has been a bit horrible so far. I am convinced that many people are super-grouchy at the moment because of the weather. That's all I'm saying! Anyway, I was really glad that I'd arranged to get away from it all and meet an old friend at Kelmarsh Hall, which is just about mid-way between our homes. I came to a wedding here last year, in April, and vowed to come back and see the gardens in the summer. It's a beautiful house - but the grounds are absolutely stunning.

We thought we might be marooned in the tea room all day, because rain was forecast, but in fact, the sun came through and we had a delightful wander through roses, sweet pea arches, lush lawns and walled gardens. Here's a little glimpse of what we saw, I just wish I could add the scent, it was the sweetest ever.

The roses were a little bit battered by the deluge, but no less beautiful for that.

My obsession with paths continues....

A stripy rose.

Some very happy chickens...

I wouldn't mind wiling away a few hours in this spot....

We walked and talked, and talked and talked and talked. I've known my friend since we were five. I used to call on her every morning and we'd walk to school together. We shared a passion for ponies, although we never owned one. She moved away from our village when I was 10, but we kept in touch, and I would go and stay with her, or we'd go on riding holidays together. We don't see each other often now, but when we manage to carve out a few hours to meet, it's lovely.

An amazing little pond. 

We loved the greenhouse, and the lush plants inside. Bougainvillea and passion flowers, climbing geraniums and succulents.

This one looks a little bit sinister....

Once we'd explored thoroughly, it was time for the tea room. 

Batteries now fully recharged :)


  1. I love Kelmarsh too but haven't visited for a while. The stripy rose is Rosa Mundi and is available from David Austin. We have one in the garden and I love it, It always makes me think of raspberry ripple !
    Ann x

  2. Lovely to spend a day with a good friend catching up. Your pictures are lovely and you were lucky to catch a break in the endless rain. Karen X

  3. Thanks for identifying the rose. I did wonder what sort it was. I am so glad we went on Wednesday as it has poured relentlessly all day today!