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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Peach pie

I have a short breather between the last magazine going to press, and the next one beginning again. I was planning to do some furniture painting outside but surprise, surprise, it's pouring again, so I decided to cook something. Peach pie came into my mind. No recipe in my many baking books, but I found a Nigel Slater one online. Amazingly, in a nearby village we still have a thriving old fashioned greengrocer and I had bought some 'doughnut' peaches, i.e those pumpkin shaped ones, the other day, so I was all set.

I'm no good at making pastry, but this recipe was a little different: you just cream butter and sugar, and then fold in an egg and flour, and some lemon zest, and it's done. This is the pie before the lid went on (orange zest is added to the peaches). Forty minutes in the oven, and it's ready.

I'm pretty sure this won't hang around long tonight.


  1. This looks yummy! I love the pastry crust when it goes all crunchy on the edge.

  2. Yes, my baking always has that wobbly,slightly lop sided look...I wouldn't last long in Raymond Blanc's kitchen ;)