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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sweet peas and vintage tins

Stopped by at my friend Tracey's shop Foxtail Lilly today and bought a tin with beautiful sweet peas on it, and a bunch of the real thing from her cutting garden. My tin looks at home with some others from my collection.

Tracey has an amazing table in the shop (not for sale, don't blame her!). Serious table envy.

I was on my way to look at some holiday cottages which have just been renovated. I am doing a short article for the local magazine that I edit. It was such a positive story, it's nice to hear those, and the owners were rightly very proud of what they had done with two tumbledown barns.


  1. What a pretty tin and I can smell the sweetpeas from here!

  2. I love your tins they are some of the prettiest I have seen and the sweetpeas are such rich colours. Totally agree with you about the table too I love that shade of green. Karen X

  3. hi- came over to say thanks for your message and have been mesmerized by the bowl of roses on your header, especially the deep red velvet one which is just about to drop its petals. How beautiful and what a lovely photo.
    Then I drooled over the vintage tins which I also love, so all in all you've really set me up for the morning!

    1. Hello, and thank you. I do love those roses, from my parents' garden. The deep red ones climb all over the wall of their cottage by the front door and they are a fleeting treat each year.
      I know you from ebay, I've bought several bits from you over the years :)