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Friday, 31 May 2013

A whistle stop tour

Today I went on a working trip to Wiltshire. It was very full on, we were doing a photo shoot all day, but there was just five minutes at the end to explore the little village of Lacock. It is just idyllic.

Quintessentially English makes and sells organic soaps and bath melts. It is a beautiful little shop.

Opposite was a small courtyard, and a tiny store with French antiques and textiles set outside in the sunshine.

I loved this French school dress, much patched and darned with tiny stitches.

I'd love to come back to this place with time to spare. 

Despite our unpredictable weather, grey skies and long winters, our country can be so beautiful sometimes.


  1. I dream of living somewhere like that.I don't suppose I ever will but dreaming doesn't cost anything does it?

  2. Lacock is one of our favourite places to visit. You must return and have lunch at the Sign of the Angel pub.

    1. I wish we'd had longer! I'd love to return, it was just incredible.

  3. Looks like a perfect day to me! :) x

  4. It certainly can!! Love that gorgeous red dress, so simple yet lovely, Lucey x

  5. Totally English and so very pretty..
    Thank you for sharing
    Thea x

  6. Its one of my favourite places - theres a lovely old bookshop too and the Fox Talbot Museum is fascinating. Hope you get the chance for another visit. Karen xx

  7. It looks so pretty and that dress is gorgeous ... Sarah x