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Saturday, 4 May 2013


Just me and the guinea pig in the garden today. She was doing her best to mow the lawn with a very small set of teeth, while I was pottering about emptying the shed and redisovering all sorts of forgotten treasures. The hat tin with a holey bottom, which is now doubling as a plant pot. A nice old wicker bicycle basket which won't fit on my new bike. I also found a giant pale blue Petalware soup tureen, more glass jelly moulds than I could count and a lot of little stools and chairs.

The garden smells of May at last. It's so sweet.


  1. I wish I had a shed like that, mines just full of spiders and bikes! I'm glad your little cabinet is going to a new home, hope the sales go well! :) x

    1. Thanks Ada. I had to have a shed really, to cope with the overspill! Our garage is the one full of spiders and bikes :)

  2. Such a lot of treasures, your garden is going to look wonderful with all those dotted around !..
    The hat box is very special I love it
    Thea x