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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I'm not the only one with this obsession...

Buttons. I love them, I have thousands of them, I cannot walk past a button box or tin at a car boot sale without making it mine. The problem is, once you've sorted the wheat from the chaff, where to keep the nicest buttons? Last weekend, I found the answer.

These little drawers were on a stall at the giant Bank Holiday car boot sale. I think they were originally used to store typeface, as the compartments are labelled. They're not especially old, but they are perfect for a button collection. I have bid for drawers like this at the auction before and they always go sky high and out of my reach, so I was pleased to buy these for £18.

Some of my favourite things won't fit in, like this little brown bag of bone buttons from France.

And the buttons on cards.

I had a successful sale at Foxtail Lilly last Saturday, and I did part with a few of my buttons. I made them up into little packs, green glass, red glass and so on, and they were really popular. I'm glad to know that it's not just me....


  1. No its not just you.....its me me me too!!
    ....Jars on shelves for me and one jar labeled 'special' that I pore over like 'gollum' from the hobbit etc....maybe i should label it "precious"....Happy tuesday to you....bargain drawers i love....D x

  2. Ooh how lovely having a set of drawers dedicated to buttons! I love them too ... they look nice in jars on shelves ... sweeties in a sweet shop!

    Love Claire xx

  3. I am really envious of your little drawers - I just love anything with compartments - boxes, cutlery trays, and drawers!

  4. I now have little drawer, and lots of button envy!!! Brilliant find there! :) x

  5. What a fabby idea, I have three large kiln jars of buttons that really need sorting. I have to empty them all out when I want to find a specific button. I love buttons ... Sarah x

  6. Great find - I really like the sweet little handles x Jane

  7. Wow I love your buttons! Very jealous of them. I would love to find a tin of vintage buttons at a carboot but so far I have never even seen as much as a single button at one :(

    1. I have found a few boxes this year, but usually only when I've got up really early! I hope you find some soon.