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Saturday, 21 September 2013

An apple a day...

I've been hard at work in the garden all afternoon, picking apples, and scooping up the windfalls. There are so many, we've never had such a huge haul. 

They are Discovery, crisp and sweet, but they won't keep. I wish I had a cider press or juicer....

I foresee a LOT of apple cake...

In between picking and gathering, I have taken a lot of photographs of apples. I am sure my neighbours think I am strange. But the apples are beautiful, and it was a perfect autumn afternoon.


  1. My word you did get a large haul!

  2. Fab apple photography. Apple cake Mmmm... have you tried Mary Berry's recipe, it's v. good.

  3. Hi Fiona, my neighbours think I'm strange too ... What with pink painted bicycles and what have you? Never mind, your apple pics are fab, and you did get a lot!

    Loving the wellies too ...

    Love Claire xxx

  4. I have two small espaliered apples trees in my garden which have been loaded with apples this year. It's been a wonderful summer for apples. The first home grown crumble is in the oven now... here's to many more!

    1. Espaliered trees are a joy in themselves. We have some cooking apples coming along too, and I am looking forward to some crumbles...

  5. I love apple season, sadly we haven't got any apple trees, yours look delicious! :) x

  6. If only you were a little closer, I've taken to offering them on Facebook and putting a box out in my street!

  7. What beautiful apples and Discovery are one of my favourites, but here for such a short time.