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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Quilt scraps and snippets

If you've been reading my blog since last year, you may recall that I began making a patchwork quilt. The project fell by the wayside over the summer, but I've decided to try to finish what I started now that the nights are drawing in. During the car boot season I've been keeping my eye out for fabrics, the only criteria is that they had to contain some reds.  I've found them in all sorts of places: charity shops, old sample books, a Primark teatowel or two and my existing stash of material.

The quilt is growing nicely (don't worry about the squares that are sticking up, they haven't been tacked or ironed yet!). It's very exciting. I don't have much clue about wadding or backing, but I have a little book that should help me through that process when the time comes.

In the meantime, there are small piles like this appearing all over the place. I'm on a mission now (and thanks to  for inspiring me to continue. Her beautiful patchwork blanket was the catalyst). 
In other enormous parcel arrived at 7am yesterday morning, my birthday present from my parents:

All will be revealed soon (I hope it won't turn into a flat pack nightmare). 


  1. It will look brilliant when you have finished it. I am feeling an urge to make a quilt. I would love to own an antique quilt but will probably never afford it, I suspect the only one I will have will be my own home made one if I get round to doing it.

  2. You have some beautiful fabric in your quilt - the largest patchwork I have attempted was a cushion. I am not sure I have the patience to sew a quilt. Your box looks very interesting. Karen xx

  3. Your quilt is taking shape nicely; I love all the bright happy colours in your vintage fabrics.

  4. The quilt is looking great. Love the colours.
    Jacqui x

  5. I do love a stash of fabric. Your quilt is going to look fabulous with all those vibrant reds.
    Patricia x

  6. Oh your patchwork quilt is beautiful and thank you so much for the mention, my quilt is still not finished!!! Xx