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Friday, 13 September 2013

Hello again

That was a somewhat unexpected break from the blog. I had to make the magazine ready to go to press, and get Jack ready for uni and somewhere in the middle I picked up a nasty bug and spent two days in bed. Anyway, the luggage is all ready for tomorrow, mountains of washing done and boxes packed. I hope they will all fit into our tiny car. I had to go and buy some food today, so I made a small detour to Stamford Antiques Fair, a small local event on the riverside meadows. Sometimes it is disappointing, but today I had such a lovely hour combing the stalls.

I met a great stallholder. We had a good chat, and I bought a few goodies from her, just little things such as a tin of buttons. She had lots of things I would have liked, but no place to put them. 

I had to say no to that lovely basket which was brimming with sewing things.

There is nothing nicer than sipping a coffee, while browsing through boxes of bric a brac in a late summer sunshine....

Even if you only have a couple of pounds to spend, you'll always find something that sparks an idea or leads to an interesting chat.

I'll never stop going, even when I'm on a Zimmer....

I did buy the pink stool at the top of the post. It wasn't very sensible really, but it is soooo sweet. 

I hope you enjoyed having a browse with me.


  1. Thank you for sharing your browse, I can see why you had to have the stool. It is a beauty! Have a good weekend. Lizzie

  2. I wondered where you were - hope you're feeling much better. Good luck for tomorrow too. There always seems to be lovely items at other peoples Fairs and not down our way - would have found it impossible to resist that basket. Karen xx

    1. HI Karen
      I know, I really deliberated because it was in perfect condition. I have a tiny version of the same which I once bought in France, so I thought I should really be content with that. I agree that other people's sales always look more desirable! Happens to me all the time.

  3. Oh what lovely, lovely things! A veritable feast for the eyes (don't know why I've gone all Shakespeare)

    Thans for popping overto Thriftwood and for your kind comments ... good luck with the Uni run, and hope it goes a lot more smoothly than ours xxx

    Have a lovely weekend

    Love Claire xxx

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  4. Ooo! Looks like a lovely fair. I especially like the look of the little slatted chair and table in your last photo. Would be just right for the allotment!

  5. What lovely buys you purchased, I love green beads!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx