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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Autumn snapshot

Woke early and popped out to the car boot, bearing in mind there probably won't be many more this year. I didn't find much vintage, just this pretty jug for 50p and a few old books, but there was some autumn bounty.
A huge bag of tomatoes for 50p, ripe Victoria plums, crisp cucumbers from the owner's greenhouse and the flowers above (50p). So, tonight's food was: tomato soup:

Home made bread (it was so warm today, the bread rose in about half an hour):

 And apple cake, of course there was apple cake....there is going to be apple cake for months and months to come! This is Mary Berry's recipe, thanks to Fiona who left a comment suggesting it was a good one. It is great, but I am going to try lots of different ones and see which is the most successful.


  1. Great car boot bargains especially the lovely jug. Glad you like MB's apple cake recipe, it's always a winner here and I love it mostly 'cos it's so damn easy.

    1. Incredibly easy! Thanks so much for the tip :)

  2. Such a pretty jug...well done
    Your bread and cake look delicious..I am baking tomorrow
    Happy Sunday
    Thea xx

  3. Oh Fiona, those flowers were just made for that jug! They go perfectly together ...

    I went to the car boot today too, mainly bought vegetables!

    Have a wonderful week,

    Love Claire xx

  4. I love that little jug, you did well there.The veggies were a bargain too, well done!

  5. The Jug is gorgeous...looks handpainted?
    and may I add.... I love that new header too...except I would like to eat it!
    bestest Daisy j x

  6. Love your new header. Busy playing catch up so had three posts to read which was lovely. We lost our last apple tree last year but had some lovely apples delivered in our veg box so I made Dorset Apple cake yesterday - all gone now. Hope you are enjoying early autumns peacefulness. Karen xx

    1. Hello Karen,
      Missed your comments! I've been enjoying my blog again since giving it an update.
      Fiona x

  7. Love the jug. What a find. Jacqui x

  8. Yum, wish I was over at yours for supper! :) x

  9. Ah yes - there is something great about this time of year when there is so much goodness around. I haven't made an apple cake for years and somewhere I have my mum's old recipe that I must now dig out!
    Lovely new header - just right for the season
    Best wishes