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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Another splash of colour

Colour is busting out all over in our house at the moment: this cushion came from Dunelm and very lovely it is too. They also have some gorgeous 50s style metal stacking stools in primary colours (red, blue and green) for £3.99, but I couldn't think of a single nook in which to put one. Also, my favourite colour, the candy floss pink, appears to have sold out completely, even on the website.

Today, we did a family car boot stall. My boys were keen to raise some extra pocket money, so we did a big cupboard clear out and set our alarms for 6am. After an initial cloudburst, which very nearly soaked us, the sun struggled out and we all did pretty well. It was very enjoyable, too. My parents also had a stall next to us, all very companionable.  I even managed to resist spending my profits, even though there were many temptations around me....

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